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Are you or your partner suffering from infertility? 

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What is LIfe FErtility BioTherapy program?

LIfe FErtility BioTherapy™ is an international fertility program that has been used for the past two decades. This therapy has a proven record of fertility success, helping couples and individuals from all over the globe build their families.

How does LIfe FErtility BioTherapy work?

  • Balances hormonal cycles to aid in conception. 

  • Improves fertile cervical mucus, ovarian function, and blood flow to the ovaries and uterus

  • Reduces miscarriages and enhances the immune system

  • Lessens uterine contractions after embryo transfer and side effects of medications

  • Improves the thickness of the uterine wall lining, sperm parameters within 3 months, and the quality of oocytes within 3 months

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