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What is LIfe FErtility BioTherapy program?

LIfe FErtility BioTherapy™ is an international fertility program that has been used for the past two decades. This therapy has a proven record of fertility success, helping couples and individuals from all over the globe build their families.



The average IVF clinic promises only a 25% success rate.  Studies show that the probability goes down with every consecutive IVF cycle thereafter.  


To simplify the math, if you were to do 3 successive cycles, your chances of conceiving are less than 40% and even less if you are over 35 years old. Yet, the cost goes up with each round of IVF treatment due to the difficulty.


IVF is very expensive and if your body is not 100% ready for it BEFORE you start, your chances for successful implantation are slim.


Did you know that you can significantly increase your chances of conception on your first or next IVF cycle?  


What if I told you there was an easy way to increase your chances of conception before starting IVF?


What if I told you there was a way to successfully deliver, with easy labor and lowered chance of postpartum depression?


The LIFE Biotherapy Program - IVF Success In fewer Cycles - In As Little as 3-6 months


Every woman deserves to be a mother.  To start the family, she’s dreamed of and have that everlasting maternal bond. 


Sometimes it doesn’t come that easily and it’s heartbreaking frustratingly painful when you just can’t seem to get pregnant, no matter how hard you try.


Just know that you are not alone.  10 MILLION women in the US have difficulty getting pregnant or carrying a pregnancy to term.


Fortunately, now there is a solution.  You can increase your fertility and give birth to a beautiful, healthy baby.  All you need is a little help…







Before You Start IVF

In Vitro Fertilization has helped hundreds of thousands of women conceive healthy babies.  According to WebMD, IVF is responsible for the births of around 200,000 babies since it was introduced into the US.  



The LIFE Biotherapy Program is 100% natural… 


It Doesn’t require any pills that could be harmful to mother and baby…

It has been used for hundreds of years in many countries…

It increases the success of IVF, with LESS IVF treatments…

It can double your chance of conception on the first IVF cycle…

It has even helped women naturally conceive, bypassing IVF altogether!


IVF offices across the USA are now recommending acupuncture to their patients as standard evidence-based practice.  Do you have an acupuncturist on your team?


Ok, so how does It Work?

Acupuncture is proven to enhance fertility and chances of conception dramatically.  Studies have shown that with just 3 months of treatments, your chances of conception improve by at least 65%.


Acupuncture works by getting your stressful body into the perfect condition for conception.  It improves the hostile environment for your embryo so they can attach and grow.  And can even increase your ability to carry full term by up to 85%.


Hi, I’m Min Jeon Lic.Ac from Acupuncture & Wellness Clinic.  I want to get you pregnant.


I’m one of the few doctors in Massachusetts who specializes in fertility acupuncture.  With my two decades of experience as a baby maker, I help women just like you enhance their fertility.  This not only helps you get pregnant but helps ensure you carry the baby full term.  


You’ll get full support from a staff completely dedicated to you and your goal.  We focus on you and your goals:


  • Balance reproductive hormones to increase chances of conception

  • Work hand in hand to enhance your OB/GYN’s present care

  • We work to naturally heal you completely.  


No two women are the same. All of our treatments are unique to you and your situation.   So, the first step is to plan for you and your goals.  Then choose a plan that will help you reach those goals and save you thousands of dollars on failed IVF cycles and give you an insurance policy.


All you have to do to get started is CLICK the BOOK NOW button below to talk to Nicole, our Patient Care Coordinator, and schedule your initial consultation.


So START today, and the patient care coordinator will go over all the details with you!

How does LIfe FErtility BioTherapy work?

  • Balances hormonal cycles to aid in conception. 

  • Improves fertile cervical mucus, ovarian function, and blood flow to the ovaries and uterus

  • Reduces miscarriages and enhances the immune system

  • Lessens uterine contractions after embryo transfer and side effects of medications

  • Improves the thickness of the uterine wall lining, sperm parameters within 3 months, and the quality of oocytes within 3 months

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