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11 Benefits of Acupuncture Treatment

Treats Chronic Pain

People of all ages can experience chronic pain such as shoulder pain, back pain, or arthritis. This can be caused by sitting posture, sports injuries, or a lack of fluid in the joints as people grow older. There are several ways to combat chronic pain, acupuncture is one of them.

Medication for chronic pain might be effective in the short term, but it only kills the pain temporarily. Acupuncture, however, can be an effective solution for the long term. Acupuncture can relieve chronic conditions such as arthritis and provide excellent pain relief without the need for medication.

Treats Insomnia

Insomnia is a condition that prevents you from getting the sleep you need to feel rested and function in the world. It affects people of all ages and dispositions. Getting adequate sleep is not only vital for your general wellbeing, it can significantly influence your mental and emotional health.

There are many treatments for insomnia, including various exercises, medications, and drinks. However, these treatments have drawbacks. Herbal teas might help you sleep for a few hours but they wear off and medication can be addictive. Conversely, regular acupuncture can improve your sleep patterns and your overall health.

Promotes Flexibility

If you want to obtain the excellent benefits of a yoga practice but you don't have the flexibility for many of the postures, acupuncture can help. Many people don't have the flexibility for yoga by virtue of the culture they have grown up in. Performing yoga poses is a challenging retraining exercise.

Acupuncture helps improve your flexibility. The small needles go deep into your tight muscles and work their magic. The treatment makes your limbs easier to stretch allowing you to gain an extra degree of movement in your postures. If you're struggling with your yoga poses, support your pra time with acupuncture.

Increases Energy Levels

To function optimally day-to-day you need to have good mental and physical energy. This optimal state is usually depleted in the course of our busy lives and needs to be somehow replenished. This is especially the case if you suffer from exhaustion.

Acupuncture treatment is known to balance your hormone and open up new neural pathways that can lead to more energy, less pain, and less fatigue. These effects have several benefits to the body system including increased energy levels, better concentration, and a renewed motivation for life's tasks.

Prevents Allergic Reactions

When the seasons change in particular you may find yourself coming down with common flues and colds that affect your life and your performance in your job. If you want to move through the changing seasons in a bubble of immunity you might want to consider acupuncture as a way to support your immune system.

Acupuncture treatment is an excellent way to support your body's natural immune system and ward off seasonal flues and colds. If you have an illness, acupuncture can also control symptoms such as sore throats, runny nose, and puffy eyes.

Controls Blood Pressure Levels

If you have issues with your heart health or your blood pressure levels then acupuncture can help. Many people take medications to help with blood pressure issues but medications have side effects and adverse health effects you don't have to think about with holistic therapy.

High blood pressure is much more common than low blood pressure. It's usually caused by lifestyle habits and diet. High blood pressure can contribute to certain long term conditions like heart and kidney disease. A regular acupuncture treatment is known to effectively decrease blood pressure levels.

Improves Digestion

Do you or your children have digestion issues such as inflammatory bowel syndrome, gallstones, or Crohne's disease? If you do you might be given medication by your medical consultant for pain relief. However, medication has side effects and can be addictive.

Acupuncture can improve digestion in children and adults, and relieve any pain or discomfort associated with gallstones, or Crohne's disease. A regular acupuncture treatment plan will effectively improve your digestion in a short time.

Stress Treatment

Stress may come from many places. You might experience mental and emotional stress from your work life or your home life. Pregnant women may also experience extra stress due to hormonal imbalances. In some cases this may lead to serious conditions like depression and mental health issues.

Acupuncture treatment can help to relieve stress levels and rebalance hormones to their original levels. It's best to book yourself onto an acupuncture treatment plan rather than one off sessions for best results.

Treats Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's disease is an age related disease characterised by cognitive decline. The disease affects the areas of the brain responsible for motion and neural responses. Acupuncture treatment has been shown to improve this condition across ten sessions.

Acupuncture brought improvements to patient's functionality, such as improved walking, handwriting, fewer tremors, less slowness, and better sleep, all of which can be significantly compromised by the disease.

Boosts Immune System

Health experts have reported that acupuncture is effective at boosting the immune system and helping people to recover from chemotherapy. Medical professionals say that acupuncture helps to increase the platelet count and prevents cells from deteriorating after radiation treatment.

Those who opted for acupuncture treatment following their chemotherapy or radiation treatment reported less pain and discomfort and an improved life quality. It seems the ancient medical practice is also effective at controlling the nausea associated with cancer treatment.

Headaches and Migraines

Many people suffer from migraines and headaches. These conditions can range in intensity and in some cases they can cause acute pain over several days. There are some medicines prescribed for the treatment of migraines and headaches but they vary in effectiveness and sometimes have side-effects such as drowsiness and mental fog.

Experiments have revealed that people suffering from migraine and headaches can significantly reduce their symptoms by having acupuncture needles placed in strategic points in the head and face. This seems to work better than randomized needles that are sometimes used in acupuncture. Consult with a professional at to decide on an effective treatment option.

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