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AWC Patient Feature:

"When I was diagnosed with cancer, I was terrified.

After numerous scans and specialist visits I was able to regain a bit of my hope with a positive outlook and treatment plan. Once I started treatment, the side effects from chemo took me out of my life. I was so sick all the time and way too tired to participate in my life. A friend pushed me to visit AWC for a consultation to see if they could help alleviate my symptoms. I was really apprehensive to be honest, I had never had acupuncture. Truly, I was desperate, so I scheduled an appointment. Once I met Min and the rest of the AWC team, I was sold. They were the first to offer me real hope of getting back to doing the things I love. After about three weeks of treatment, my energy came back, my nausea subsided and I was able to keep up the way I had before I started chemo.

I finally am back in control of living my life and I owe it all to AWC."

~ E.M, AWC patient of over 3 years.

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