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“She helped me keep my independence…”

Macular degeneration was something that ran in my family, so my diagnosis wasn’t totally a surprise. What I never fathomed was how terrifying it was to think about my independence slipping away. The idea of slowly losing my ability to live my life haunted me, so I began looking for other options to slow the progression. I found Acupuncture & Wellness Clinic through their website, I couldn’t believe the amount of testimonials they had of people struggling so similarly to me! I made my consultation appointment for that next day.

With a few months of more frequent treatments and now a schedule for maintaining, my disease progression has been slowed to the point where I don’t think about it anymore- even now four years later!

Min Jeon Lic.Ac helped me keep my independence, I can’t imagine where I would be now if I had not found her clinic.

-Soph, AWC patient of 5 years

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