At Acupuncture & Wellness Clinic we are very successful with our Pre-Conception Care approach to infertility for both men and women. Those who have a history of miscarriage and IUI/IVF failures do exceptionally well with this natural approach. Women we see for a minimum of 3 -4 cycles who then undergo IVF average a 60% success (averaging the ages). This time frame is necessary to implement the dietary and lifestyle changes and supplementation that will bring homeostasis to the endocrine and hormonal systems. The success with sperm issues are much higher. For women under the age of 37, using our natural pre-conception care protocols, 80% can become pregnant within the year and carry to term. Women between the ages of 38 - 43 average 35 - 40% success in live births. Specific dietary guidelines, lifestyle changes that reduce stress, as well as regular acupuncture treatments all contribute to bringing the body back into a balance where it can conceive and deliver healthy babies.


  • Infertility - both assisted (IVF/IUI) and unassisted (natural approach with only acupuncture/herb formulas) - for both men and women are treated with gentle acupuncture protocols to fit the constitution of each person.

  • Autoimmune, PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids are all issues that may affect infertility and these are addressed with our protocols in conjunction with the conventional approach.

  • Regulation of menses, lowering stress levels, prescribing and applying appropriate exercise to one's lifestyle are of primary concerns in planning a protocol to assist patients in their efforts to become pregnant.

  • Whole Foods Nutritional counseling is provided to assure that the nutrients needed for optimal hormonal functioning is there.

Gynecology Pre/Post Natal Care:

  • Regulate menses - be they painful, irregular, or with accompanying PMS Menopause - a highly efficacious alternative to HRT for hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia. PCOS, Endometriosis - our protocols are especially effective after surgical removal of the tissue to prevent a recurrence. Pre-Natal Care - acupuncture is perfect for those who suffer from migraines, aches and pains as well as maintaince for both mother and child. Breech birth - an ancient technique from Chinese medicine can frequently turn a breech (reported in journals and touted on Good Morning America).

  • Post Natal Care - in all Asian countries the care of the mother after childbirth is a priority. All mothers-in-law know to visit the herbalist for formulas which support the mother and new child. Along with plenty of rest, these herbal formulas give the new mother more strength to nurse and tend to her baby's needs. We encourage the continuation of this tradition with our new mothers, and appropriate herbal formulas are available after delivery.

At Acupuncture & Wellness Clinic, we specailized in Infertility assisting couples fulfill their dream in completing their family. ​